Photos From the Field

There are hundreds of sets of McCurdy's Armor® being used by armed forces and police in The United States, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico and other locations around the globe. Here are just a few of our photos from the field.

If you are using McCurdy's Armor, we want to hear from you! Please contact us or email John Yarsinsky with your stories, photos, and feedback from the field.

A Patriotic Evening Aboard Battleship New Jersey

DDM CEO, Robert A. Lipinski and DDM General Manager, Joseph Dimond, attended "A Patriotic Evening Aboard Battleship New Jersey" dinner, where The United States Naval War College Foundation honored Lt. Gen. Walter E. Gaskin, deputy chairman of NATO's Military Committee.

Far Left: Lieutenant General Walter E. Gaskin, who is the Deputy Chairman, NATO Military Committee
Near Left: Robert A. Lipinski
Near Right: Joseph Dimond
Far Right: Major General Ronald L. Bailey, who currently serves as the Commanding General, First Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, California

A Combat Outpost Entrance also in Kandahar Province.

Amored Guard House on the Joint Regional ANSF Center ("JRAC") near Kandahar Airfield.

The Afghan Border Police (ABP) is using the McCurdy's Armor® kits for base perimeter security, but mostly to be employed as hasty checkpoints along the border of Afghanistan. Here you will see ABP guards assembling the armor for use in the field.

Quantico, VA: Joe Dimond, DDM's General Manager, discusses the features and benefits of McCurdy's Armor portable armored wall systems with the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Mexico City, Mexico: DDM delivers McCurdy's Armor portable armored wall systems to the Mexican Federal Police to help in the fight against the cartels and stop the trafficking of drugs and weapons.

Kenya, Africa DDM's General Manager Joe Dimond discusses the benefits of McCurdy's Armor portable armored wall systems with Kirunda Kivejinja, the Deputy Prime Minister of Uganda.

Afghanistan, the Afghan police.

Afghanistan McCurdy's Armor arrives at the first of many Entry Control Points in Afghanistan. The portable armored systems will be used to help hold off the Taliban.

Mexico City, Mexico DDM delivers McCurdy's Armor to the Mexican Federal Police to meet their second contract to aid in the growing battle with drug cartels throughout Mexico.

McCurdy’s Armor on display at a recent trade show in Japan.